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RWS 2130521 22LR FLO 6MM CB CONIC 100 – Air Gun Ammo

buy ammo onlineFlobert Bulleted Cartridges in 6mm caliber with pointed or round-nose bullets. Primarily intended for pest control. Has small ignition charge and maintains accurate flight path. To be mainly fired from smooth barreled guns. Packed 100 in round tin. Flobert Bulleted Cartridges Originally, Flobert ammunition was by definition a cartridge wherein the priming and propellant charges were one and the same. More recently, rimfire cartridges, small shot cartridges and Flobert cartridges supporting a round-nose bullet were developed to contain a small additional amount of powder as a supplementary propellant charge, thus enabling a more effective cartridge to be produced.

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REM EXP 12GA 2.75″ 1 BUCK 5/250 – Ammunition

buy ammo onlineRemington 20624 12Ga 2.75″ 1 Buck Buckshot 16 Pellets 5 250 12B1

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MFS 20030 7.62X39 125 SP 20/25 – Centrefire Ammo

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The all purpose versions of these cartridges are suitable for both hunting and sports. Good expansivity and shooting accuracy convince the user of the excellence of these cartridges.

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Winchester X12RS15 Super-X Slugs 12 ga 2.75″ 1 oz Slug Shot 5Box/50Case – shotgun Ammo

buy online ammoFor superior slug performance, you can’t beat the stopping power of Winchester Super X slugs. Specifically designed to deliver maximum accuracy and tremendous energy deposit in shotguns with smooth bores. Can also be used in rifled choke tube barrels or fully rifled barrels.

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